Long-lasting support of Nordisk Film

After ten years working with Nordisk Film, cooperation is stronger than ever

This year, DSV celebrated its 10-year anniversary working with Nordisk Film – the Nordic region’s leading developer, producer and distributor of films, and the Nordic holder of distribution rights to Sony PlayStation.

Forging strong bonds

In a small ceremony in a warehouse just outside of Copenhagen, employees from both companies celebrated the past decade. Many have been involved with operations from the very start. Ulrik Rasch, General Manager Nordisk Film, and Henrik Mørch, Managing Director DSV Solutions, were there when the agreement was signed and implemented 10 years ago.

We have built a strong and long lasting working relationship with DSV and I can’t believe that a decade has passed so quickly. Sure there have been periods of heavy market changes and we have encountered challenges along the way, but the bonds that we have built with DSV are stronger than ever.

Ulrik Rasch, General Manager Nordisk Film

Henrik Mørch, was also reminiscent of the close relationship DSV has built with Nordisk Film:

"It has been a great 10 years and I look forward to the next 10. We have built a strong relationship with Nordisk Film during these years. Our cooperation has meant that regardless of marked developments or changes we have managed to find a solution together. In the spirit of cooperation both parties have had to have strong intensions and willingness to grow together. I believe that our mutual intensions and willingness to develop any value-added services makes us a true partner for Nordisk Film."

Value-added services

DSV’s value-added services over the 10 years have helped Nordisk Film improve warehouse operations, lower costs and improve processes. Services include:
  • Display packing
  • Return logistics
  • Replacement of returned units
  • Preparation, repair and maintenance of PlayStation demo units
  • Labelling
  • Bundling / kitting
  • Repacking (cover and box exchange)

A key feature of the warehouse we use for Nordisk Film is the Logimate system, which allows for the pick and pack of over 700,000 DVDs. It is divided into three sections, and allows workers to access products efficiently and effectively, reducing delivery time and driving down costs for our customer.

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