Green frontrunners awarded for reporting and reducing emissions

DSV awarded European label for sustainable transport

Green Freight Europe
Green Freight Europe (GFE) has awarded DSV with its "first leaf" - an award given to companies that have shared CO2 data and information on policies, strategy and intentions to reduce CO2 emissions stemming from transport operations.

Other companies, among them Heineken, IKEA and Dow Europe GmbH were also awarded the first leaf.

The first leaf is part of a four-tier labelling program by GFE. The program recognizes and benchmarks members based on their efforts and measures to further improve on CO2 reduction.

Reduction of carbon emissions from freight transport can be done by all individual parts in a transport chain, but it is much more efficient in corporation between shippers and transport providers.

That is why a standardised European database for reporting carbon emissions is important as a forum for collaboration between transport providers and shippers.

"For a number of years, DSV has provided carbon emission reports to many larger customers. We consider the membership of GFE as a natural progression of our work to reduce emissions caused by transport," says Thomas Susé, Group CSR Senior Manager, DSV.

DSV has been a member of GFE since its founding year 2012.

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