Staying in tune with Fender

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation extends contract with DSV for another five years

Fender has chosen DSV as its number one logistics provider in Europe for another five years. DSV supplies around twenty-six countries in Europe, as well as many other countries within EMEA with Fenders’ musical instruments such as guitars and percussion instruments from our 130,000m2 warehouse located in Moerdijk, the Netherlands.

"The unique selling point that distinguishes DSV from the competition is that DSV provides all services at competitive prices," says Jan Ceelen, Logistics Manager, Fender Musical Instruments Europe. "DSV also helps make the rock‘n’roll business a well-oiled machine. You often have to arrange last minute requests for a wide range of musical legends. If one of these rock stars calls for a new guitar for his or her next concert, Fender and DSV work together to make sure it gets there in time."

During the entire contract period, Fender and DSV will make continual improvements working with DSV’s own management excellence program.

DSV has been working for Fender since 2004, providing a variety of services including:

•    Warehousing
•    Value-added logistics
•    Inspection
•    Packing
•    Shipping (including partial sea freight)
•    Customer support
•    Advisory services (including customs and tax) 

Fender also leases space in DSV’s warehouse for Fender’s quality inspectors.

"DSV provides us with all the workstations we need, so we can check every instrument that comes to the warehouse. After our quality inspectors give the instruments the green light, DSV then distributes them throughout Europe," says Jan.

The good level of customer service that DSV provides is a driving factor in the continued relationship. "Because I work in-house at DSV, I can assess first-hand how DSV works. And we are very happy. DSV uses strict procedures for its employees and systems, resulting in reduced errors and reduced lead-time. This keeps us ahead of the competition," concludes Jan.

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