2014 CSR Report released

CSR – Responsible development with potential

At DSV, we are used to delivering results to our customers and to creating value for our shareholders. Our CSR approach is driven by the same desire for delivering results to and creating value for all our stakeholders.

Therefore, I am also happy to verify that the past year’s efforts have created satisfactory results.

The safety of our employees is the most essential element of our CSR activities. For that reason, we are pleased that we have succeeded in making targeted efforts to significantly reduce both the number and the frequency of occupational accidents. Compared with the preceding year, we managed to reduce the proportion of occupational accidents by 40% and by 57% since 2010.

We have also achieved good environmental results through joint efforts together with our many suppliers. To mention some examples, carbon emissions from sea freight transportation had decreased by 33% since 2010, and 64% of our road freight was carried by trucks satisfying the Euro 5 and Euro 6 norms, which have the lowest environmental impact.

Another aim of our CSR policy is to increase awareness of and implement our Code of Conduct. We operate globally and experience many different approaches to business operations. A uniform approach to the use of our Code of Conduct therefore strengthens our business and ensures ethical conduct throughout the world. We have performed a comprehensive training and testing programme on business ethics, and in the course of the year under review, 93% of all managers completed the programme.

In 2014, we also made efforts to increase awareness of the Supplier Code of Conduct among our suppliers, informing 77% of all suppliers of the provisions. We consider it an essential step in promoting the values of DSV and ensuring uniform services to our customers, and it will continue to be a focus area in 2015.

Finally, we took a big step forward in our work to abolish facilitation payments. This work has been going on for along time, and we have decided at Group level to maintain a clear view on this matter by adopting a strict prohibition against facilitation payments. However, it continues to be necessary for DSV employees in certain countries to make ongoing efforts to discontinue this destructive practice.

We are very conscious that each year is merely a step towards new aims and activities, which are to help us live up to the United Nations Global Compact initiative and its ten fundamental principles. As a matter of fact, we feel obliged to improve our CSR efforts on an ongoing basis; both to satisfy our own ambitions and to meet the requirements and requests of our customers, who take a great interest in the matter.

Jens Bjørn Andersen

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