Metso reorganises logistics while maintaining operational experience

Metso, a leading company working with mineral processing and oil & gas flow control, and transport and logistics company DSV have extended their road transport agreement running from 2013 to 2016.


Restructuring leads to new agreement

When the agreement was first signed, Metso’s warehouse facilities were located in Belgium and Germany and the DSV control centre organising the various transports was set up in Belgium.

During the agreement period, Metso decided to restructure its warehouse setup to increase efficiencies in delivering spare parts to its customers. The decision entailed relocating warehousing from the Belgian and German locations to new facilities in Holland. Metso also decided to run a tender process to decide who could best deliver high-quality transport services under these new conditions.

The value of operational experience

To meet the new requirements, DSV reorganised the transport setup but not, as would normally be the case, the central control operations. This was done to leverage operational experience with Metso in the best possible way – by keeping it intact:

"There was a real risk of losing our valued, but demanding customer. So instead of setting up a totally new operation in Holland, we decided to put together an unorthodox proposal," says Global Account Manager Dennis Clerkefors and continues…

"Our colleagues in Puurs were asked to help us make a joint quote that would use our experience with Metso in Belgium combined with our transport network in Holland. France was also included, since Metso was looking for assistance there as well."

Best ever sales meeting lasting 8 hours

The proposal put to Metso was to keep the control centre in Belgium where experienced staff are already handling the many shipments and know all the ins and outs of the Metso operation. And at the same time set up a new transport solution in Holland tailored to the new facilities.

Olli-Petteri Salo, Manager, Warehousing and Transportation Development, Metso, describes the resulting discussions:

At the end of the tender process, we met with DSV and had a dynamic 8 hour meeting where we all engaged in an open and challenging discussion involving all aspects of the agreement. DSV fulfilled our major business requirements and found the best solution to improve the existing co-operation. So we closed the deal on-site.

Agreement merges change with experience

DSV will continue to control Metso’s road transport logistics with their experienced team while the actual transport operations move with Metso to Holland with distribution into Germany, France and many other countries.  The agreement is expected to generate 10,000 shipments and 26,000 tonnes of freight per year.

About Metso

Metso is a team of 16,000 industry experts located in more than 50 countries worldwide working in close cooperation with customers to achieve sustainable process and profit improvements in minerals processing and flow control.

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