30 huckepack trailers by rail every day

Every day, a DSV train departs from Hoje-Taastrup, Denmark, bound for Duisburg in Germany. 

DSV and rail wagons

The cargo varies, but when the clock strikes 18:00 on weekdays, 30 Huckepack trailers steam off from platform 1.

The return route was established in early March to accommodate the need for greater volumes to be shipped by land from Scandinavia to Central Europe and back. And so far, we are off to a great start.

30 Huckepack trailers every day is a big commitment, but we believe in the new rail route and feel confident that this is just the beginning.

Henrik Sklander Nielsen, Divisional Manager, comments.

A greener alternative

Freight forwarding by train has many advantages – not least that it is a more environmentally friendly way of transporting goods. It’s also quicker than transport by sea and cheaper than transport by air.

Other advantages include the possibility to transport greater volumes in one go, fixed departure and arrival times – and no delays due to traffic and/or road works – as well as the possibility to change between train and road transport due to the great flexibility of DSV trailers.

Train schedule

  • Daily departure from Hoje-Taastrup-Duisburg Mon-Fri 6 pm – arrival DE-Duisburg 12 am.
  • Daily departure from Duisburg-Hoje-Taastrup Mon-Fri 6 pm – arrival DK Hoje-Taastrup 12 am.
  • Capacity: 30 Huckepack trailers.

DSV train leaving Taastrup - Denmark

Connections to Central Europe – and all the way to China

From Duisburg, DSV offers freight train connections to China – and road connections to the rest of central Europe, e.g. Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium and of course Germany.

Scandinavian-based customers with great import LTL/FTL volumes will be able to enjoy the benefits of one-entry and easy redistribution via road to the final destination.

Please find more information in our Rail Freight: Taastrup-Duisburg pamphlet

And read more about rail connections to China