Relief aid to Nepal arrives before monsoon season

Despite difficult circumstances, we managed to beat the monsoon rain and deliver 60 tons of relief aid to the earthquake victims in Nepal.

Relief aid for Nepal

The severe earthquakes that hit large parts of Nepal in April and May this year destroyed not only houses and the infrastructure but also many lives. And another humanitarian disaster was lurking if the monsoon reached the affected provinces before the relief aid.

Despite the circumstances, we beat the monsoon

We used a Boeing 747 to bring the relief aid from Sweden to New Delhi, India where the goods was loaded into smaller planes that do not require loading platforms or high loaders but can be loaded and unloaded by hand.

Subsequently, the goods were flown to Nepal's capital Katmandu. Due to the chaotic situation we were allowed only one landing permit per day and it took five days to bring the relief aid from India to Nepal.

DSV is an experienced supplier into regions with hostile or impassable terrain and has a long history as supplier to the UN, NATO and relief aid agencies.

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