DSV launches online warehousing costs calculator in the USA

DSV’s contract logistics division has launched a publicly accessible online calculator that generates highly reliable estimates on the costs of warehousing and order management.

US West coast warehouse

The online calculator takes into account all costs involved in the process from receiving inbound shipments into the warehouse, the storage and the handling of orders until the moment of dispatch. Until now, quotations for warehousing tariffs were only made through a sales person and especially for smaller shippers it was often difficult to estimate the total costs involved.



The calculator estimate is not a final quotation. We will always talk through the specifics with a customer before he or she commits to a tariff. Nevertheless, by playing around with the volumes and service levels people get an understanding of the dynamics involved in logistics costs. Obviously we hope this will lead to discussions with a potential customer on how we can optimize these costs,


says Piet Mulders, President of DSV Solutions USA.

An easily accessible supplement to fully customised quotations

And Piet Mulders continues: "The online warehouse calculator does not replace our personal approach to potential customers. Fully customized, bottom up tariff quotations will remain the core part of our sales process. However, by making this calculator available online we aim to make our pricing structure more transparent for potential customers and provide anyone interested in warehousing services with a ballpark figure of what his approximate total cost or cost per order would be."


warehouse cost calculator 

Calculate the total costs and get a detailed report in addition 

The calculator is able to calculate and aggregate costs of a wide variety of different warehouse operations. Products can be received palletized or loose loaded and stacked or stored in different rack sizes. Subsequently different order profiles for full pallets, boxes or items can be configured for multiple products. The calculator uses weighed averages and discounts based on stock rotation and volumes to provide an estimate as accurately as possible. After keying in details of the storage and order management requirements, a real-time calculation of total costs and cost per order will be displayed online. A breakdown of these costs into tariffs and sub totals per process and service can subsequently be obtained by downloading the detailed report.

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