Meet the architects behind most of DSV’s new buildings

AK83 is the name of the architects behind 16 of DSV’s new and projected buildings – the only exception in recent times being the global headquarters in Hedehusene and a new DSV-Arla project in Hamburg.

DSV Krefeld location
Since 2002, AK83 have been working for DSV, designing a total of 16 new buildings, including current projects that have not yet been finally approved. This is no coincidence as one of their design specialties is logistics buildings.

Over the years, the unique partnership has resulted in a comprehensive design template for offices, cross-docking terminals and logistic buildings (typically warehouses) – to ensure a commonality between DSV buildings:

"While continually developing the template to accommodate industry developments, it’s important that people can recognize a DSV building when they pass it. We want employees as well as customers to associate DSV locations with well thought out designs and functionalities. They should be appealing and meet the purpose at the same time – and be a landmark for DSV," Brian Winther Almind, Director of Group Property, says.

DSV standard kitchen

A standard DSV-kitchen: The kitchenette is to be of solid quality with laminated surface table tops and high pressure laminate door surfaces. Stainless steel handles. The plinth is to be clad with polished stainless steel plates. Walls between cupboards and table tops are to be clad with glass plates.

We know DSV extremely well

Working with DSV for so many years and through so many projects brings with it a lot of experience. That goes for design, functionality, project management – and the ever present focus on keeping the cost at a minimum without compromising quality and beauty of design. That’s not an easy task, but it’s challenging and rewarding when the right solutions finally present themselves.

We have a lot of experience with logistics buildings here at AK83, that’s our specialty, and, in addition, we now have a lot of experience with DSV. We know what they want, and we sketch our ideas based on what we know is ideal for DSV,

Jørgen Mogensen, Partner AK83, elaborates.  

Krefeld is the jewel in the crown

DSV Krefeld, in Germany, is by far the most challenging project AK83 has been involved with for DSV.

It’s the most challenging, because it’s one of the biggest – and it’s also the most beautiful,
Jørgen Mogensen comments.

DSV Krefeld office - inside view

The DSV Krefeld location (inside office view): 6,500 m2 office, 50,000 m2 warehouse and 12,000 m2 cross-docking terminal.

With Krefeld, AK83 quickly decided on a very simple design, which would be easy to build. An easy build means no delays and no surprises. When the design and building plan are solid, the project is solid and deadlines are kept, resulting in on time and on budget delivery. AK83 knows that this is paramount to DSV.

That’s our promise to our customers, so that’s what we expect from our suppliers – even when it comes to the design of a building,
Brian Winther states.

Great fun designing for DSV

DSV locations are characterized by maximum utilization of the land we buy. We squeeze in as many square metres as possible, as optimization is key to making the buildings cheap without compromising quality, function or design.

In true DSV style, minute attention is of course also paid to the process of finding a contractor and builder. "We like to invite several contractors, preferably local, to the table. That makes for a dynamic tender process and often results in the best price," Brian Winther Almind explains. That may sound like a lot of hard work and negotiations, and it is, but it’s also a lot of fun according to Jørgen Mogensen:

Whether we’re talking new buildings or extensions to existing ones, the task at hand is the same – and it’s fun, because it’s challenging to do a lot with a little. Somehow, we manage every time,

he concludes.

What’s next?

AK83 are currently working on several DSV projects at different stages, which on and off employs half of the staff at the Aalborg office. Without inflow of further projects, which is highly unlikely, AK83 will be hard at work for DSV for at least two more years.

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