Logistics road to East Africa

Several East African countries have turned into interesting export markets as wealthy citizens desire more luxury and branded goods.

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Specialists in remote markets

Global Supply and Trading (GSAT) and its subsidiary Arctic Import have opened a logistics highway into East Africa with DSV as a partner. GSAT and Arctic Import are owned by Arctic Group, which has specialised in remote markets and have vast experience from Greenland and other challenging North Atlantic markets. They know how to sell branded goods to target groups that did not grow up with a well-assorted supermarket around the corner.

Finding the right partner

GSAT was determined to find the right logistics partner.

"We spent a long time finding the right partner. With DSV, the chemistry was there from the beginning. We have the same will power to succeed, to identify potential and create growth. DSV wants the cooperation to work for both parties, is entrepreneurial and ready to invest in the project," says Peter Freiesleben, Managing Director, GSAT.

In cooperation with DSV, GSAT have opened a distribution centre in Nairobi, Kenya, from where they can cover Kenya and the surrounding countries with day to day deliveries. Simultaneously, the logistics highway out of East Africa has been opened for locally manufactured goods.

Peter Freiesleben adds: "DSV has local office and warehouse facilities in a whole range of African countries. It is reassuring to work with them and be able to take advantage of DSV's thorough knowledge of the African markets."

With DSV all the way

The goods are shipped either directly from GSAT's  warehouse in Aalborg, Denmark, or via one of DSV's European distribution centres to Mombasa in Kenya by ship and then to DSV’s warehouse and distribution centre in Nairobi by truck. Here the goods are picked and packed and finally delivered to GSAT's customers including some of the major African supermarket chains.

"It is exciting to help others take their first steps into the African market and we look forward to assisting GSAT in their efforts to get more companies started on the African continent," says Michael Carstensen, Managing Director, Kenya, and Vice President Africa Development.

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Kenya Nairobi warehouse