Corporate magazine out now

The big news for us right now is our potential acquisition of UTi Worldwide.

Unfortunately, we are restricted in how much we can say or do while the transaction process is underway, so apart from a few editorial comments that news will have to wait for a future issue.  

Still, we believe this issue is one of our strongest and most exciting in a long time, with both in-depth articles describing our way of doing business, how we are educating freight forwarders to prepare them for the future and much more. Enjoy.

Here is a sample of the articles in this issue:

•    Endless potential (p. 4-7)
      DSV opened its doors to investors and analysts at the Capital Markets
      Day held at the headquarters in Hedehusene, Denmark

•    That'll teach them! (p. 18-19) 
      The Young DSV Programme is designed to attract young talent and
      ensure qualified labor in all countries

•    Thank you for excellent performance! (p. 22-23)         
      High praise from Novozymes when DSV delivers much more than

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