Rawbite achieves healthy growth

What started as a kitchen experiment is now a world-wide success ready to enter the American and Chinese markets.

The organic fruit and nut bar Rawbite is a very successful start-up that is ready to take on the world. DSV handles all the logistics activities including road, air and sea freight and this not only gives a one-stop solution, but also a very strong working relationship.

"The good relationship means everything to us and it is what makes our cooperation with DSV special. Price is of course important, but not as much as relations. We can get in contact with DSV at all hours and are always met with a smile. DSV believe in us and give us red carpet treatment", says Nikolaj Lehmann, one of  Rawbite's owners.

Friends and business partners

The three friends, Morten Fullerton, Rolf Nolsøe Bau and Nikolaj Lehmann, agreed that the world needed a healthy, tasty organic fruit and nut bar without additives and decided to make their own. Rawbite is driven by simplicity, joy and dedication to the product and quickly became a success.

Ready to enter the American and Chinese markets

The bar is now sold in 25 countries and is ready to enter the American and Chinese markets. Rawbite is depending on a strong and flexible logistics partner and the cooperation with DSV has been all important to the success, says Nikolaj Lehmann and continues:
"Our experience with national and international transport is very limited. We need a professional partner to give us good advice, so we can concentrate on our core business. DSV is the right choice especially with the potential lying ahead of us."

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