Smack in the middle of London

Most DSV sites are located outside the big cities which makes great sense for our way of business. But it does place us somewhat out of the way – and away from certain customers.

Carnaby Street Christmas 2015

Picture: Christmas decorations in Carnaby Street

Obviously, there is no room to place a cross-docking terminal in central London and with the traffic there, it really wouldn’t make any sense. But a sales office on the other hand …

So earlier this year, in July, our new office in Carnaby Street – right smack in the middle of London – was opened.

"I think it’s a great idea for us to get closer to our customers," says Key Account Manager Mitchell Shanahan and continues; "In addition to being a sales office, it is also used as a meeting centre and with such a great location and transport links it makes perfect sense."

Since start-up, things have gone very well, and all of DSV’s transport and logistics solutions are of course on offer in Carnaby Street as we offer a truly one-stop shop solution to our prospective customers.

"It’s fantastic to be able to invite customers to meet us right next to Oxford Circus, it doesn’t get any more central than that. Because there are no warehouses to see, it would be easy to think there is no transport business in London. But London is full of decision makers, and being close means that we can develop a really good relationship with the right people" Sales Executive Jenna Lake explains.

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