DSV awarded for high quality service

DANA, a world leader and automotive parts manufacturer, has awarded DSV Mexico for high quality in their freight forwarding services

"Our team of specialised freight forwarders has worked closely with DANA for almost five years, and we are proud to be awarded for our dedicated approach", says Soren Jorgensen, Deputy Managing Director, DSV Mexico.

DANA is one of the world's leading suppliers of axles, drive shafts, off-highway transmissions, sealing systems and thermal-management products and has awarded DSV for the freight forwarding services provided during 2015.

The automotive industry in Mexico

Mexico's automotive industry is mature but dynamic and continues to grow. In 2015, production reached a new historical high with three million light vehicles. During the last couple of years, Mexico has climbed past France and Spain to become the world's seventh largest manufacturer of light vehicles. The Mexican automotive industry is expected to continue its growth, and forecasts indicate that production of light vehicles will reach four million units by 2018 and five million by 2020.

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