Happy birthday Jens Bjørn Andersen

Today, CEO Jens Bjørn Andersen turns 50.
28 of those years, he’s spent working for DSV.


We recently portrayed Jens Bjørn Andersen in a feature in Moves (pp. 16-19). If you haven’t read it yet, you may find it worthwhile to do so, as it outlines Jens Bjørn’s career in DSV as well as some (perhaps) little known biographical details.

A few telling quotes

I have only applied for and got one job – my very first – and I’ve stayed on board and grown with the company, because I thrive here. It has been and still is a madly exciting journey.
As a teen, I nurtured this slightly romantic dream of becoming a marine biologist.
I don’t like having to make decisions for others. I want them to make their own decisions.

And there’s more

You may also find it interesting to take a trip down memory lane with the 25-year anniversary piece, we published in April 2013.

A big happy birthday to our CEO, who is celebrating his birthday privately.
On 7 April, 15.00-17.00, there will be a reception in the canteen at the global HQ for business partners, employees and special friends.