Transporting rare vehicles from the Second World War

Flexibility and patience is crucial when transporting curious and precious cargo. It’s not something we do every day, but we like a challenge – and it’s a lot of fun too.

Loading of GMC by DSV

Cannons, Jeeps and combat vehicles from all over Europe

Bjarne Madsen collects Second World War military vehicles from all over Europe. His collection consists of cannons, trucks, Jeeps, combat vehicles and many other vehicles, of which many, according to Bjarne, played an important role to the outcome of World War II.

Bjarne Madsen and a range of other enthusiasts in the Baker Company breathe new life into the old military vehicles by careful restoration. The vehicles can be seen at exhibitions, museums, American days and M*A*S*H parties with a driver in full uniform. Bjarne himself loves to get behind the wheel.

Saturday afternoon on a windswept beach on the West Coast of Denmark in a Willys – that is fantastic. The Jeep never gets stuck, and I can always help a German tourist get out of the sand. Last but not least, the vehicles tell a story unknown to younger generations.

A patience puzzle

It’s not an easy task to transport rare vehicles that haven't been on the road for more than 70 years. It’s a patience puzzle including loading platforms, telescope cranes, customs clearance, tight deadlines and expert securing of the precious load.

Loading of GMC by DSV Loading of veteran vehicle parts onto a DSV trailer

When Bjarne and his friend Tomas came across a rare GMC in Norway, he received a tip that DSV would be the right logistics partner. He contacted DSV, and we immediately said yes.

Though non-standard and difficult, DSV found the transport exciting, fun and different. For me it has been a pleasure to meet and work with DSV’s staff in Norway. They've been very flexible and patient,

says Bjarne Madsen.

After safe delivery of the first vehicles, Bjarne has placed more orders for the transport of combat vehicles: A Canadian truck from Norway to Denmark and possibly an armoured fighting vehicle from Athens to Denmark as well as a rare veteran truck from Cambridge to Chicago.

GMC restored Probably the world’s oldest GMC from World War II after careful restoration.

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