CFO at the top of his class

Jens H. Lund is once again one of the highest-rated CFO’s in Denmark.

The CFO rating from Økonomisk Ugebrev (Economic Weekly) shows two CFO’s distancing all the others; Jesper Brandgaard from Novo Nordisk and Jens H. Lund from DSV.

On a scale of 0-5, they rate 4.4 and 4.2 respectively. The third placed CFO from Simcorp scores 3.7.

Analysts and portfolio managers have been asked to rate the CFO’s of the top listed companies in Denmark like they did in the CEO rating we wrote about a few weeks ago. They have placed high value on open and honest communication as well at the increase in share value during the past year.

Jens H. Lund comments: "As I have often said, our transparent financial systems in DSV make it easy to communicate with the market about our numbers. And of course it helps that we use a clear and simple business model without a lot of unnecessary legal constructions and that we know how to make money. That said, I would like to thank all the people working to provide the results from around the world and the Investor Relations team for spreading the message."

Link to the Økonomisk Ugebrev newsflow (Danish)