DSV has best CEO in Denmark - say market analysts

Jens Bjørn Andersen of DSV has been named as best CEO among publicy-quoted Danish companies.

DSV Jens Bjoern Andersen 2015

The weekly business magazine Økonomisk Ugebrev gave him the top rating this week, above the CEOs of famous companies such as Novo Nordisk and Vestas.

“He masters just about every discipline a CEO needs”, said Michael Friis Jørgensen, analyst at Alm. Brand Markets.

“I like the way he communicates clearly. Analysts get answers and are taken seriously”, added Frans Høyer of Jyske Bank.

He also praised Jens Bjørn’s communication surrounding the recent acquisition of UTi Worldwide, saying that in most cases integrating a large acquisition makes the market more cautious until results are documented. “But investors have great faith in Jens Bjørn.”

The league table of CEOs was based on anonymous input from 26 analysts and portfolio managers.

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