Plain sailing with DSV

The Moonsund Regatta is the oldest as well biggest and most prestigious multiday offshore regatta in the Baltic Sea. This year, it took place from 9 July to 16 July – and DSV was there as official logistics partner.

specially designed DSV truck

A great (media) event

118 boats and 700 sailors from five nations participated in the regatta, including three vessels competing in a newly created cruising group. Around 10,000 spectators looked on and enjoyed various entertainments in the different regatta harbours.
The boats were all carrying GPS-tracking devices, making it possible to also follow the racing online. A total of three broadcasts were live-streamed with approximately 2,000 viewers per broadcast. Actually, the races and results were broadcast both live and online by the biggest Estonian media group and in different TV channels, including national TV.   

5 harbours in 7 days

The 250 nautical mile sailing route consisted of six legs with stops in five harbours (Pärnu, Kihnu, Haapsalu, Kärdla and Kalev Yacht Club) – before reaching the goal in Tallinn on day seven.
On day 6, the fleet could enjoy the Tallinn Maritime Days programme and participate in the grand Sea Parade. The last races took place in Tallinn Bay: These were broadcast live online, and it was also possible to visit the racing area and/or watch the racing on-board a special spectators’ boat. 

specially designed DSV truck  

Making life easy

DSV participated as official logistics partner for the second year in a row – making life easier for the many sailors. In co-operation with Volvo Estonia, DSV fully equipped and specially designed a Moonsund Regatta truck and trailer and provided both driver and assistant

Instead of carrying equipment by themselves or arranging for a personal support car, the participants could send their equipment (extra poles, sails, personal belongings etc.) with the DSV truck from harbour to harbour. Each equipment bag would be tagged with bow number and yacht name.
As you can imagine, the schedule was intense, requiring good planning and communication – not least when it came to logistics: The DSV truck had to arrive at the scheduled harbour stop before the first competitor. And some of the harbours were really difficult to get to. One example was Kihnu Island: With only one sea vessel connection, taking only one truck at a time, there was no room for error.
We’re happy to report that the DSV truck arrived right on time to every harbour. Throughout the regatta week, it carried more than 600 units of baggage, made more than 4,800 baggage movements and travelled 565 km by road and 60 km by water.
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