Quick and efficient building

The DSV Property department located in our headquarters in Denmark works full time consolidating our current sites and expanding or building new sites to match our growth.

Watch and learn about the building process of the DSV Venray 12,000 sqm logistics facility in the Netherlands

In 2015 alone, DSV has built around 200,000 square metres of warehouse, cross-docking and office space. One of the projects was in Venray, where our warehouse needed to be renovated and modernised extensively.

Building and leasing

Brian Winther Almind, Director Group Property, explains how we normally set up ownership of our sites:

“We are an asset light company so we do not like to own our own property. What we often do is plan and oversee the building process and then sell the finished site to a company that leases it back to us. This means we can build exactly the sites we need while having almost no capital tied up in buildings.”

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