DSV having a smashing time playing volleyball

Two independent DSV volleyball teams just had a play-off in Spain. It all came about because of a YouTube video…

The two DSV volleyball teams

DSV Spain sponsors the DSV volleyball club Sant Cugat (link in Spanish), and DSV Denmark sponsors two teams in the volleyball club Brondby (link in Danish) – until recently, they did not know about each other.

By coincidence, Sabrina Balada, Marketing Manager for DSV Spain, came across a YouTube video of the Danish volleyball team (link in Danish). She gathered enough to realise that there was a Danish DSV volleyball team and contacted Sant Cugat that quickly decided to invite them to play in the 13th International Youth Volleyball Tournament 15-18 September in Sant Cugat, Barcelona. This was in early August.

With the help of Brian Culmsee, Sales Manager, DSV Denmark and “sponsor” for the Brondby club, arrangements were quickly made, and the Brondby U16 team could leave for Barcelona 15 September.

We were really happy that Sabrina found us and got in touch. It has been such a great experience for the U16 girls – even if they didn’t win. Hopefully, we can return the favour one day and invite a Spanish DSV team to Denmark.

– Brian Culmsee

A little DSV and a lot of volleyball

Upon arriving in Barcelona, the Danish team and coach went straight to the DSV office in Rubí where they were treated to breakfast and a guided tour of the facilities.

DSV Brondby volleyball team at the DSV Rubi office, Spain

The Danish U16 girls at DSV in Rubí with Iban Mas (right), Regional Director Air & Sea Spain and Portugal, Sabrina Balada (right), Marketing Manager, Lluís Moreno (far left), President of DSV Club Voleibol Sant Cugat (CVSC), and Steen Spangen (left), Brondby Coach.

“It was such a pleasure having the Danish DSV volleyball team as our guests. It shows the international aspect of our company and the commitment in many DSV countries to support sport initiatives and appreciate the value of sport. DSV CVSC is the main sponsor for the tournament and therefore visibly present in every way – even so, having an international DSV team there to increase the DSV presence, wearing the DSV logo on their sports equipment, was great”.
– Sabrina Balada

So who beat who?

More than 500 girls, representing 44 teams from 14 different clubs participated in the tournament in Sant Cugat. Quite a big deal.

With that in mind, the winners can be very proud. And as it happens, DSV won two out of three age categories:

  • U18 DSV CVSC
  • U16 CV Barcelona
  • U14 DSV CVSC

The Danish DSV team, Brondby, came in as no. 10. Well done DSV teams!

Winning U18 team from Spanish volleyball club DSV Sant Cugat

The U18 winners, Sant Cugat, together with their coach (left), Iban Mas representing DSV, former president of DSV CVSC president and Luis Moreno, current president of DSV CVSC.

DSV volleyball teams having a play-off

The two U16 DSV teams do battle (Spain won).

More pictures from the tournament are available here.