On tour to keep kids safe in traffic

Together with other road transport companies, DSV helps teach children about traffic safety.

The truck caravan boys

Photos by Nikolaj Grundtvig taken at a recent visit to a school in Funen, Denmark.

Good habits from childhood are important

DSV is part of a traffic safety campaign that visits schools. Here, young road users can experience the big trucks first hand and learn about traffic safety.

A view from the driver’s cab

At the most recent stop, the schoolyard was teeming with young children who have just started school. Many were waiting in great anticipation in line to see a driver's cab from the inside and have a chat with driver Henrik Kristensen about life in a truck and traffic safety.

”I think they grasped a lot about traffic safety on the road. But of course we are always very aware of the vulnerable road users and I drive very carefully in the cities, because there are so many cyclists” says Henrik Kristensen.

Important traffic safety messages

Aided by a professional actor and musician, the kids got an idea of how trucks transport goods around the world every day. They had many creative guesses on what’s inside a trailer. The children took away two very important safety messages; "to keep a safe distance to the wheels" and "always stay behind the truck".

”We are committed to traffic safety and take an active interest in this campaign. It is a good opportunity to talk with kids about traffic safety in a fun and engaging way”, says Morten Kjærgaard, Director at DSV Road in Denmark.  

”It was so cool, I would love to have a truck”

The kids were not only interested in traffic safety but also very much in the truck itself. Most of the kids had never been in a truck before and grabbed the steering wheel full of fascination.

”There was a bed, a refrigerator, cabinets and curtains. It was so cool. I would love to have a truck”, said a suitably impressed boy.

In addition to being a part of the campaign, DSV also visits schools independently to help put focus on traffic safety.

Use this link to see a film about the most recent event.

The driver and children speak Danish, but some of their statements appear as quotes in the article.


Lastbilkaravanen_The truck caravan 

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