Young supply chain students ready to take on the world

Students from three continents begin their Bachelor programme with a business case from DSV

A new Global Supply Chain & Logistics Management bachelor programme was kicked off with a business case competition last week. DSV delivered the case and met with the up-and-coming logistics stars.

The DSV business case competition

To kick off their three-semester international experience, the students were given a 24 hour assignment to solve a logistics problem for a client and then present the solution to "client representatives" as if they themselves worked for DSV.

CBS Student presenting
The winning team of Fangwen Lin CHUK/Shenzhen Campus, Peter Breum Mach Nielsen, CBS and Serinda Kong, UBC presenting. In the background from left to right sits DSV's Helle Bach, a CBS faculty member, Erling Johns Nielsen and Jason Ye.

The DSV Supply Chain Innovation team was asked to provide a realistic case for the students and act as "client representatives" to determine, which of the solutions would win.

"We based the case on real customer data, but built a fictitious story around it. And we were very impressed with the solutions presented after only 24 hours by the students. Some of these students are worth keeping an eye for the future," says Erling Johns Nielsen, Global Head of Supply Chain Innovation.

Helle Bach, Group HR Director, agrees:

"This particular group of international students will be very sought after by companies around the world with their supply chain specialisation. Meeting them early in their career gives us a valuable head start in any future recruiting process. We are a company with great career opportunities but unless we meet the young people in their own environment, they have no way of knowing that".

CBS students receiving winning presents
Prizes for the winners are presented by Professor Britta Gammelgaard

The students will spend a semester at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Campus and at the University of British Columbia before completing their degree at their university of origin.

"I chose the programme, because it provides my education with a stronger focus and at the same time offers me a lot of intercontinental contacts," said Emilie Fisher from CBS.

Education on three continents

The students, who have been hand-picked for this programme, will study different aspects of global supply chain management in their semester abroad.

In China, the students will focus on the global container trade. In Canada, the meeting of trucks, ships, railways and airplanes creates a lot of cross-modal and intermodal trade. Finally, in Denmark, focus will be on direct contact to a strong logistics sector and on European logistics.

DSV Supply Chain Innovation

The case was prepared and results evaluated by the DSV Supply Chain Innovation (SCI) team. SCI specialises in helping large customers build better supply chains. This helps us retain and develop the customers when they see the expert value we can add to their logistics setup. Follow the link below to learn more about SCI.

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