A 5,412 km bike ride for cancer awareness

With a little help from DSV, Team Hope made it all the way from San Francisco to New York in one piece – and with only a few expected and unexpected challenges. Welcome home and well done guys.

Team Hope Central Park

As it turned out, the actual distance covered was a bit more than 5,412 km thanks to a GPS with a mind of its own. As expected, they suffered through injuries, punctures, rain, wind, cold and hot weather.

What they didn’t expect was to walk their bikes because of sandy “roads” or to be escorted by the police (bikes on the US highways are prohibited)… 

And nothing could have prepared them for the breathtaking scenery and the many warm and welcoming people they met along the way. 

What an adventure

What’s on your bucket list? A bike trip across USA was on Erik Bergmann and Peter Møller’s – and they did it.

DSV played a part as logistics sponsor and partner, because we simply couldn’t resist such a sympathetic undertaking and cause. In order to make it count as more than just a personal achievement, they decided to promote and raise money for cancer research and treatment while on the road.

In many ways, we feel like we came along for the ride, and not just because we sent out care packages for each stage, some to very remote locations, but because you can’t help get personally involved in such an adventure:

Anni Skeete, DSV Air & Sea, New Jersey, who’s been managing the day to day distribution adds: “At times, we’ve been quite worried for them. These two guys out on their own off the beaten track – and under strenuous conditions. We found ourselves getting quite caught up in the project and the emotion of the whole thing. It’s been fun for us too, because we’re trying to get DSV Cycling up and running in the States, and the last stage with Erik and Peter was our first event”.

DSV Cycling US pioneers and Team Hope – from left Erik Bergmann, Jonathan Vedia, William Madayag, Mike Scally, Anni Skeete, Peter Møller and Victor Vitorino.

It takes a village

It was just the two of them on the road, but a lot of people have been involved in the daring project. Without the support of family and friends and a lot of sponsors, Team Hope would not have had any hope of finishing.

Great equipment and gear, obviously, were prerequisites, but so were the partners involved in preparation and training, and the people who opened their homes along the route. Once in the US, these gracious hosts and DSV acted as domestiques – making sure that Erik and Peter were fit to ride. The rest was an act of muscle and willpower.

“Every evening as we arrived at our hotel or guesthouse, we were so pleased to receive our care package brought to us by DSV. The care package contained drinks, energy bars, gels, lotions etc. Without them, we simply could not have made it through. Without food and drinks…”
– Erik Bergmann, adventurer


Arriving safely in New York

On Monday 17 October around 2pm, the DSV Cycling US team joined Team Hope at the George Washington Bridge – for the last leg of the last stage.

It was a gorgeous fall day, and we pedaled along with them for the last 10 miles of their long journey – supporting them and encouraging them towards their final goal in Central Park, New York.

Erik Bergmann and Peter Møller with another Danish creator of great tales

As a special treat, Team DSV in New Jersey had organized a welcome party for Team Hope’s family and friends at the Hans Christian Andersen Statue.

“It was nice to ride the last 10 miles with the guys but you could also see they were ready to cross the finish line and get some well deserved rest. I am very impressed with their accomplishment!” Anni Skeete said after the event. 


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