Another 21,000 m2 in Peine - Germany

On 5 October, representatives from dm-drogerie markt, DSV, Max Bögl (construction) and the local town council attended the official topping-out ceremony for a new 21,000 m2 DSV warehouse in Peine, Germany.

Construction site peine

The new logistics complex (warehousing and distribution) will be DSV’s 7th dedicated warehouse for dm-drogerie markt – when it opens for business in the spring of 2017. The warehouse is being built on a 54,000 m2 lot.

From left to right: Peter Fog-Petersen, CEO DSV Road GmbH, Michael Kessler, Mayor of Peine, Christian Jakobsen, Project Manager DSV Group Property, Oliver Aust, Project Manager Max Bögl and Christian Bodi, Managing Director, Logistics dm-drogerie markt.

Supporting the need for shorter transport routes

As long-time partners, dm-drogerie markt and DSV continue to grow and develop together. The location of Peine was chosen to support dm drogerie markt’s need for shorter transport routes into their branch network in North Germany. So in September 2015, DSV Property started to search for land; a building permit was subsequently secured, and construction could begin in June 2016.

Once the distribution centre opens for business in the spring of 2017, a total of 1,000 daily pallets will be delivered, stored, commissioned and shipped by trucks to dm-drogerie markets all over Germany.

The warehouse will ready for operation by spring 2017. As you can see, construction is coming along nicely with “only” the interior decoration and final touches missing at this stage. No topping-out ceremony without topping up on fast food and drinks. 

More than 10,000 pallets a day 

At present, DSV ensures nationwide goods supply to over 1,800 dm markets in Germany from distribution centres operated by dm-drogerie markt and DSV in Weilerswist, Vaihingen, Bochum, Langenbach, Gernsheim and Leipzig.

On an average day, DSV ships more than 10,000 pallets on more than 1,000 trucks for dm-drogerie markt.

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