Lights for Christmas

These days, DSV and Sirius are working to deliver the last of seven million Christmas lights to European customers.

DSV Sirius

Since july, DSV has transported 300 TEU worth of Sirius Christmas lights from China to Denmark.

A business partner ready to grow

Sirius has a clear goal of becoming the largest supplier or holiday lights in Europe. With a yearly growth of 20-25% and after some serious consideration, Sirius decided to change transport provider earlier this year. Stig Gerlach, who heads up Sirius, says of the move to DSV:

We wanted a logistics partner that could help lift us and keep up with our growth.

The agreement was done right before the first transports from China, but the timing never worried Stig: ”You have to take chances to succeed! DSV has a good name in our business, and we have been very well matched during the implementation.”

Short delivery time and precision

As a seasonal business Sirius has a one major demand: ”It is important for us to have a partner who can deliver our goods quickly and on time. 70% of our revenue comes from the Christmas season, so the lights have to be stocked in our warehouse before we start selling in September and until we are done by the end of November.”

Buyer at Sirius, Nicoline K. Tetzlaff, has planned the transport of this year’s Christmas lights from China. Nicoline says: ”The cooperation with DSV has been really good. The combination of efficient communication, a super effort from DSV in China and the clever online system Light Web that features shipment overviews, I am able to plan the flow in and out of our warehouse in great detail.”

DSV freight forwarder Tanja Bøgegaard has handled the 300 TEU from China. Tanja says of the operation: ”We have been able to book the space we needed on the ships. Because we handle a lot of freight volume, we have a certain flexibility with the shipping lines, which comes in handy during peak seasons. And when Sirius needed something fast, we have our rail transport option that can halve the transit time from China.”

At the Sirius warehouse North of Copenhagen, it's been a busy time since August, with merchandise going in and out. ”We have survived another peak season,” Nicoline smiles and continues: ”each year, we are challenged by lack of storage space. This year, DSV has solved the problem nicely by having the filled containers stay 2-3 days at our gate as a temporary storage measure. That means we can absorb the cargo into our warehouse as soon as space becomes available.”

Similarly, DSV has been able to relieve some of the pressure on the warehouse by easing the flow of light decorations out to the department stores, home improvement stores, lamp stores, interior design stores and garden centres that sell them. By rotating trailers 1-2 times a day, the lights are constantly flowing out of the warehouse and into DSV’s road distribution network that leads to 5,000 European stores selling Sirius products.

In addition to the sea and road transport of the lights, Sirius stores its display cases with DSV. We assemble the individual displays to order and distribute them to stores with the light decorations. With a big smile, Stig Gerlach says this about our comprehensive cooperation:  ”We have really been testing DSV on a lot of parametres, and our close cooperation has been a really positive experience so far.“