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We are ready for the future - and not seriously concerned that we will suddenly see a new invention that checkmates us.

A year ago we got the go-ahead to acquire UTi which doubled the number of employees and we are geographically more well-balanced.

Read more about the transformation of DSV in this issue where you will find also these articles:

  • Matching global muscle and supply chain innovation (p. 8-11)
    DSV is one of Colfax Corporation's three preferred suppliers of transport and logistics - here is why
  • "As if it had always been DSV…" (p. 12-14)
    DSV South Africa after the acquisition is an impressive operation
  • Pokémon is booming - and we know where your Pokémons are (p. 19)
    Pokémon games and cards are experiencing a revival, and DSV in the Netherlands is supplying them throughout Europe

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