Krefeld terminal established as new hub

DSV’s network has been further optimised with cross-docking terminals in Schwieberdingen and now also in the existing Krefeld terminal.

DSV Krefeld 2017

The environment is the biggest winner now that DSV, since November, has been able to consolidate cargo at the Krefeld traffic hub in north-west Germany. Previously, goods were only cross-docked at the first terminal to be established for this purpose at Schwieberdingen (Stuttgart).

This provided the small DSV countries in particular with direct daily access to all 32 countries in the network. But bigger DSV countries have also benefited from the cross-docking terminal as an overflow valve during seasonal fluctuations.

By adding a cross-docking terminal at Krefeld, the DSV Road network can reduce lead times and thus conform to customers’ increasingly demanding supply chains.

Regular departures

Both palletised and normal LTL cargo has been consolidated and cross-docked at Schwieberdingen in south-west Germany since 2013. The idea behind cross-docking cargo from all countries in the DSV Road network was to make it possible for the individual countries to ship exports to the common hub and receive imports from the other countries – instead of criss-crossing Europe on a daily basis with small volumes on the trucks. This maximised the use of the trucks and their load capacity and minimised empty driving.

Our customers benefit greatly from regular driving and arrival times. This makes it possible for them to perfect their planning and increase their flexibility with better delivery performance,

says Søren Schmidt, CEO, DSV Road Holding A/S.

He adds: "At the same time, the environment benefits from less empty driving and optimised unloading."

Significant improvement

Kay Kleinhans, Director of Networks, DSV Road Holding A/S, is pleased with the central location of the new traffic hub in North Rhine-Westphalia near the established industrial zone of Euro Fichtenhain, right next to the A57 and close to Düsseldorf Airport:

"The modern logistics centre in Krefeld provides lots of space with a total area of 168,000 m². DSV Road can quickly redistribute shipments in the cross-docking hall covering 12,000 m² where the goods flows can be timed precisely and processes can be optimised," he says.

With yet another cross-docking terminal in Krefeld, DSV has strengthened its European Road network with overnight pick-up and delivery to basically all DSV countries in Europe.

"Cross-docking cargo in Schwieberdingen has proven its worth, both to customers and our network. Now, we’re building on this success and reaping the full value of our tightly-knit Road network," Søren Schmidt says.

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