83,000 new m2 of warehouse in Venlo, Netherlands

DSV recently acquired an additional 140,000 m2 of land adjacent to its facilities in Venlo, Netherlands. The lot is to be developed with a further 83,000 m2 of warehouse.

DSV's 83,000 new sqm in Venlo
Picture from left to right: Ruud van Heugten, Managing Director Greenport Venlo, Remco Innemee – Regional Director Netherlands South East, Arno van Berlo – Senior Manager DSV Property, Peter van der Maas – Managing Director DSV Solutions The Netherlands. 

Peter van der Maas, Managing Director DSV Solutions Netherlands comments:
In 2019, we will complete the construction, which will bring the total managed surface of logistics operations in Venlo to 210,000 m2 not including the DSV Road cross-docking terminal located 2 km south. We are expanding due to a strong growth in demand for logistics services in the region, notably fuelled by increased ecommerce activities. 
Venlo is strategically located with optimal access to large consumer markets. The area has been awarded the title for European Logistics hotspot for years in a row, which has been underlined by well-known consumer brands selecting the location for their regional warehousing and distribution. 

The new facility will feature a high level of automation, specifically geared towards handling of small orders that are typical for ecommerce. 

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