Bridging the gaps of the Bridge race

A half-marathon across one of the world’s longest suspension bridges requires practice and preparation for both runners, sponsors and organisers. DSV helped take care of the transport and logistics needed around the race, making the runners able to focus on crossing the finish line of “the Bridge race.”

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Ensuring a steady stream

When 10,000 runners sign up to cross a bridge that carries 28,000 vehicles on a daily basis, safe transport and logistics need to be in place. DSV was responsible for transporting the athletes’ luggage safely across, and brought 6 large trucks to make sure all runners had their dry change of clothes after the race.

Though the rain was pouring down most of the day, the athletes still needed to hydrate during their run. However, taking place on a large bridge, wind conditions were less than optimal for small plastic cups with water along the route. As a steadier and more sustainable replacement, DSV supplied large water tanks with tubes the participants could drink from along the route. Simon Galsgaard, Managing Director of DSV Road Denmark participated in the race himself, and explained why the Bridge race is a great sponsorship for DSV:

 “We use this bridge for business all the time and that makes it very important for us to be a part of the race as well. We happily support good and health promoting initiatives, but we of course also happily support investment in infrastructure that is important to our logistics.”

DSV runners took the challenge

The many athletes, who signed up to run over water included DSV employees. Claire Howe, Victoria Mortlock and Gary Kioussis from DSV UK travelled to Denmark to participate:

“It’s a bit of a challenge for us, myself and Vicky have only ever done flat running. Gary signed up long before us and said ‘come along’, and we decided to take the challenge – obviously as DSV is sponsoring as well,” Howe explains before the race.

“I’ve done this race before and I enjoyed so much” adds Kioussis and continues “I believe it’s the last time they’re having the race, so we decided to join, especially since there are so many of our colleagues from DSV Denmark here!”

In the hours leading up to the race, the rain was pouring down, but when the runners crossed the finish line the sun was sending congratulatory beams their way. Kioussis was the first of the three UK colleagues to make it to the finish line, and stood ready to greet his colleagues with a hug and a multitude of “well done,” while Howe and Mortlock shared their immediate experience of the race:

It was so hard, but it was good,” said Howe while catching her breath. “It was so hard,” agreed Mortlock and continued: “But I’m so glad we did it!”