DSV builds 42,100 m² large warehouse for dm-drogerie markt

A new 42,100 m² large warehouse in the German city Bochum is DSV’s latest addition of seven warehouses built for the German drug store chain dm-drogerie markt.

With a ground area of 90,000 m², 40,000 m² terminal space and 2,100 m² office space the warehouse facility built by DSV offers twice as much capacity than the previous. The new warehouse stores large volumes of goods, which are distributed to more than 250 dm-drogerie markt (dm) drug stores in the region. Currently, the warehouse employs 130 people, which will increase to 200 employees during Christmas and Easter seasons.

With the opening of the new warehouse dm greatly expands its capacities, while also getting the shortest routes to individual drug stores in the surrounding Ruhr area.

Pictures: DSV Group CEO, Jens Bjørn Andersen addressing the crowd, the new warehouse and festivities on the opening day.  

Journalists, representatives from the city of Bochum and DSV employees were all present to celebrate the opening of the new warehouse on the 26 September. Group CEO for DSV, Jens Bjørn Andersen, addressed the crowd and thanked the city officials for their support in locating the perfect site for the warehouse and assisting with the building permit. Jens Bjørn Andersen also thanked dm for the 31 years of collaboration hoping for 30 more years of developing, building and expanding together.

The new sustainably built warehouse in Bochum is one of seven large warehouses operated by DSV for dm totalling around 180,000 m² warehouse space. On a daily basis, DSV delivers 12,000 pallets using more than 1,000 trucks to dm stores all over Germany. dm and DSV have worked closely together since 1986.

Read more about the long-time partnership between DSV and dm-drogeriemarkt.


Opening ceremony picture on top, from left to right: Peter Fog-Petersen, Managing Director DSV Road GmbH, Heinz-Martin Dirks, Managing Director Regional Business Development Bochum, Jens Bjørn Andersen, CEO DSV A/S, Christian Bodi, Managing Director Logistics dm-drogerie markt, Rolf Wetzel, DSV Director BCM / RDS, Ali Sahin, Branch Manager DSV Bochum/Weilerswist and Brian Winther Almind, Director DSV Group Property.