New human aid website

Launching our new human aid website to share the stories of how we are able to help the important work of Red Cross | Red Crescent around the world.

Visit our new human aid website

With the Red Cross | Red Crescent as DSV’s primary humanitarian aid partner, we have adopted a more global approach to charity. A year into the partnership, we have been able to help and provide support in a number of ways and in 2017, DSV engaged internationally and started to embrace the partnership locally as well.

To tell you more about the agreement and share the good stories from the efforts of the partnership, we have created a new website explaining the different elements of our agreement.

At, you can read more about why the partnership is meaningful, about the warehouse space DSV donates and about the projects to which we provide financial support. You can also read the latest news and developments, just as you can watch videos from different areas of the partnership to Red Cross | Red Crescent.


View the human aid site here