An ambitious workplace with a world of career opportunities

A worldwide presence and continued growth requires DSV’s employees to stay on their toes. Technology and IT are constantly developing areas and so is the demand for IT skills.

Efficiency is a focus point in DSV, and IT is a big enabler for efficiency. Executive Vice President of Global IT Jesper Riis explains:

“To be able to constantly develop and increase our efficiency, we need to strengthen our IT competences. New technologies like Internet of Things for live tracking is coming our way, and it’s imperative that we have a strong IT infrastructure in order to successfully integrate new technologies and developments”, he says and adds “IT in DSV is a land of opportunities -  there’s always a new level of digitisation to reach for us. We are looking for employees, who want to join the exciting digitisation journey DSV has embarked on”.

Workplace with ambitions

To create awareness of DSV’s great career opportunities in IT, DSV has started to extend recruiting efforts. 

Recently, employees from Global IT in Headquarters participated at a career fair at The Technical University of Denmark, where more than 10,000 people came to learn about potential employers. Jesper Hother Sørensen, Enterprise Architect in Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance told the interested participants:

“The most interesting thing about working in DSV within my field is the size and the ambitions of the business. Acquisitions is part of our growth strategy, and that sets high scalability requirements for our infrastructure and core business systems. We continuously work to optimise our infrastructure and response times around the globe for 45,000 employees spread across more than 80 countries, and that is quite challenging at times”, he said and continued:  

“Even though DSV is an ambitious company, there is always room for improvement and we really make an effort to make the great ideas happen. We’re 1400 employees in IT worldwide, which means that we have career opportunities in almost every area of IT within DSV.”

DSV’s first industrial PhD, Franziska Schorr, Organisational Development & Communication, Global IT, also participated in the fair to give students and recent graduates a perspective on the possibilities within IT in DSV: 

DSV is really eager to improve and that means everything is moving fast. I started as an industrial PhD five months ago, and my colleagues are very open to new ideas – as long as you are well-prepared and have strong arguments in place. That really just means you need to work hard for what you want to achieve. I depend on my colleagues’ time to succeed with my PhD, and I’m so positively surprised by how easy-going and willing to dedicate time to my project everyone is!”

DSV attends career fair to attract IT professionals  Picture: Christian Nilaus, Senior Manager, Europe, Road IT and Thomas Petersen, Senior Manager in IT Technology Innovation & Transparency talked to many prospects during the fair.

Global business, global talent

Being a global business, DSV needs talent from around the world. Global IT is spread across the world and amongst other places Global IT has a competence centre in Warsaw, Poland with more than 300 people employed. Since February 2017, the competence centre has grown by around 100 employees.

Employer Branding Specialist, Agata Szacka, says about HR in Poland’s recruiting efforts:

We’re recruiting intensively here in Poland to follow suit with the business’ growth and development, specifically within IT and finance. It’s both for the organic growth and the increased amount of shared services handled in our Shared Service Centre, but it’s also for new developments within our business areas, like Robotics. I think it’s safe to say that joining DSV’s journey will not be dull!”

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