DSV supports children in Peru and Mexico

Around the globe, DSV recognises the importance of supporting local communities

Children from Peru 2018

Children in the Peruvian Amazon region waiting to receive their presents

In addition to our international partnership with Red Cross | Red Crescent, we support local communities worldwide in various ways. And we have a particular soft spot for children’s health and welfare.

Presents for children in isolated Peruvian area

For the fourth consecutive year, DSV decided to support a native community in the Peruvian Amazon region. Some of the communities in the Amazon region are very difficult to access, and sometimes the only way to get there is by special chartered transport. DSV decided to help transport Christmas presents for the children and other seasonal goods to Bagua and Santa María de Nieva.

"We help bring goods to communities such as Bagua and Santa María de Nieva that have no commercial airports,” says Rosa Bustamante, Managing Director, DSV Peru, and continues: “We always try to contribute to the development of our country. It is part of being a socially responsible company.”

Donation to Mexican children with cancer

In early December, DSV also made a donation to the local children’s cancer fund Antes de Partir, which translates to “before leaving”. The amount of money raised by the employees was doubled by DSV and in total the donation amounted to USD 5,500.

Antes de Partir is a privately funded association that supports children with cancer, and the donation will be used to build a care home suited to children’s needs.

Donation to Antes de Partir 2018
Picture (from left to right): Veronica de la Torre, HR Supervisor, DSV Mexico, Mariana Hernández, President, Antes de Partir and Torge Koehnke, Executive Vice President, DSV LATAM.

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