Women in IT

Being part of Global IT in DSV means supporting 45,000 colleagues in more than 80 countries and maintaining a large infrastructural environment. There are 1,300 IT specialists working in DSV and these days quite a few of them are women.

In DSV, we have 1,300 IT specialists employed working with everything from Information Architecture to Robotics. IT has been a job function traditionally occupied by men. To a large degree, this is still the case, but in DSV we also have many women working in our global IT departments, and we encourage more women to apply for positions within IT.

What is it like to work with IT in DSV? Below you can read four personal stories from women employed in DSV’s IT departments.

Enormously important

Pernille Sick Hasselbalch
Senior IT Specialist, Planning and Mobility, Road IT
I am an IT engineer by education and have worked in DSV for 7 years. I work as an application specialist responsible for two of our mobile solutions in DSV: the Driver App for Road and our terminal scanner. These applications have an enormous importance for DSV and the service we provide our customers, which gives me great pride in what I do.
It was a bit of a coincidence that I ended up studying IT engineering. I saw an ad for the education in a local newspaper and took a chance. I am not going to lie – in the beginning it was very hard, as I knew absolutely nothing about IT or coding, but after some hard studying it suddenly made sense, and I was hooked. This was 15 years ago, and at that time we were only two women taking the degree – now I hope there are many more, as diversity is productive for any industry or work field.

Getting things done

Franziska Schorr
Business Architect, Global IT

I am doing my industrial PhD at DSV. This means that I am hired by DSV while also being enrolled at the Technical University of Denmark. IT in DSV is the centre of my research.  I work with the management of IT complexity and its effects on cost models. It is a very exciting topic to work with, and I like that my work is related to the overall IT strategy.
I moved from Germany to Denmark to study and work, and I really enjoy the work environment at DSV – I like how easily I can approach my colleagues and management with questions and input and have my voice heard.

In DSV, there is great focus on execution and getting things done. This generates tangible results, which is always fun to be part of. 

Never a dull moment


Ann Louise Nielsen
Senior Team Lead, Air & Sea IT

I started in DSV in 2004, as a freight forwarder in the Air & Sea division. During my time there, I became a super-user in one of the IT-systems we use in DSV. In 2011, I was offered to transfer to IT for a new job, training my colleagues in how to use the system. This way I got my foot in the door at the IT department and I never left. In 2018, I got promoted to senior team lead for the second level support team for CargoWise One. 

DSV has a quite flat organisational hierarchy, which I appreciate.  The work culture is very inclusive with room for different ideas and competencies. 

I really enjoy being able to work in different job areas in the same company. I have been in DSV for 14 years, but I never felt bored in my job – there is always new challenges and responsibilities around the corner. It is a very flexible workplace.  

Feeling appreciated

Jolanta Brzyska
Team Lead, Server Operations, IT Operations

I did not know DSV before I started in the IT department in DSV’s Shared Service Centre in Warsaw, Poland - besides the DSV trucks I had seen on the streets. I have been working here for two years, and because DSV grows so fast in Poland, I was quickly promoted to a higher position as team lead – there is just so many opportunities in DSV, it’s just about grabbing them when they show up.

I have nine people in my team where we work with virtual machines, cleaning up IT environments as well as Windows Servers support and VMware Operations.
I feel very appreciated and respected in a way I have not felt at any other company. We are equal, no matter what age or gender – I honestly smile all the time. 

Diversity in DSV

The diversity amongst DSV’s employees and our collective perspectives, talents and ambitions create a fun and engaging work environment. DSV’s focus on diversity is also reflected in our employee statistics. In 2017, we reached the most balanced gender ratio yet, with 39% female employees and 61% male employees. This is significant considering that freight forwarding traditionally has been a male dominated line of work.


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