Sustainability is a collective responsibility

In the CEO letter from the Responsibility Report 2018, Jens Bjørn Andersen explains why it is so important to work together to make lasting, global changes.

As a global transport and logistics provider, DSV facilitates global trade to support economic growth. We employ around 47,000 people, and our international network counts more than 200,000 suppliers all over the world. In other words, we interact with the world, and the world interacts with us.

Global impact carries great responsibility, and we take that responsibility seriously. We recognise that we must act as leaders and set high standards for ethical and responsible behaviour. We expect our partners to do the same, because together we make up links in the same chain.

To ensure that our partners operate according to the same standards as DSV, we will devote even more attention to improving our supplier screening processes in 2019.

Leading the way

First and foremost, of course, it is essential that all DSV employees act according to the same ethical standards.

We must continously inform our employees of our DSV Code of Conduct and train them accordingly to demonstrate ethical behaviour when conducting DSV business.

This involves regular updates to the DSV Code of Conduct, which will be published in a new version in the beginning of 2019.

Employees will subsequently be trained in the contents: if we practice what we preach, we lead by example and can lead the way in our interactions with our stakeholders.

Making environmentally conscious decisions 

We have a responsibility to keep talking about the industry’s environmental impact. In our daily dialogue with customers and suppliers, we must push for environmentally conscious decisions when choosing routes and transport modes.

To provide a solid foundation for choosing a sustainable solution, we will work to increase transparency and accuracy in the carbon emission reports we provide to suppliers and customers in 2019.

Creating value beyond financial results

To extend our responsibility beyond our business activities, we have a global partnership with Red Cross | Red Crescent. In 2018, we strengthened this partnership with emergency relief support and continued our support to Red Cross | Red Crescent development projects in some of the most vulnerable parts of the world. This global partnership is also a local partnership, where DSV companies engage with local Red Cross | Red Crescent organisations wherever our help is needed.

We can do more together

While DSV is a significant global player, we are only one company, in one industry. We cannot improve the world single-handedly. Because we can do so much more together, we are strong believers in partnerships and in joining forces. That is part of the reason why DSV is firmly committed to the principles of UN’s Global Compact and to supporting UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. These initiatives are supported worldwide by thousands of companies, institutions and states.

We cannot make lasting, global changes without global consensus, global legislation and global efforts. The world is a shared space, and we must adopt a collective approach to sustainability and responsibility.

Read our Responsibility Report 2018 here