Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

An update on how the quickly evolving situation may affect our operations.

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Chinese authorities have introduced different measures on national, provincial and city level to contain the corona virus outbreak. One measure is that the Lunar New Year holiday is extended. Companies are mandated to keep offices closed for now, in many cases until 10 February and in the Wuhan province until 14 February.

At this stage, it is likely that further government instructions will be released to contain the quickly evolving situation. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and keep our customers and other business partners updated on new regulations and government guidelines, which may affect our operations and processes. We will offer contingency measures to the extent possible. 

Until offices re-open, DSV China will implement an “on-duty” schedule for our staff in line with government regulations. DSV is strongly committed to the safety of its employees while working to mitigate any potential impact on the supply chains and operations of our customers. To this end, we have established several preventive actions to safeguard the health and well-being of our employees, now and upon their return from the Lunar New Year holiday.

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