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Operational status

This page gives a quick overview


In general, we see most delays with air freight due to cancellations of passenger flights. Some airlines are now operating passenger aircraft for freight only. We are arranging special charter flights to provide capacity.

Some DSV locations are able to offer additional storage space, subject to availability. Please contact your local office for details.


We are operational everywhere, including Italy. Recently imposed restrictions at borders have caused delays but in most cases these become less significant once private traffic reduces, and goods traffic is given priority lanes. More information on border crossing delays.

From 1 April we have charter cargo flights to four destinations in North America from Luxembourg, Liège and Brussels. See below under North America for details.

Middle East

Some restrictions at border crossings, e.g. Jordan - Saudi Arabia, but alternative routes are being used.


Backlogs at intra-Asian borders are improving slowly. Delays are reducing.

Australian ports insist that ships be in transit for at least 14 days before being allowed to enter port. Auckland (NZ) is applying a similar rule. In general, shipments to and from Australia and New Zealand have been disrupted. Air freight capacity is very limited, so we recommend sea freight to Australia and New Zealand.

All DSV offices in China, Hong Kong and Macau are open and operational except for Wuhan. Activity levels are close to normal in Southern China whereas Northern and Central China are still impacted by restrictions. Full overview of our Chinese offices and how they are currently operating  - see our China website (in English)

While the activity level at many ocean ports in China is still significantly reduced, most ports have normalised operations and customs authorities are open. Many carriers continue to announce blank sailings. Most CFS warehouses are open. In the coming weeks, we expect severe congestion at ports and a tight capacity situation as cargo volume increases.

Airports in China continue to operate as usual; terminals, warehouses and customs are all open for business, but air exports remain well below normal activity levels. 

Road transport within China is almost normal, except in Hubei province.

Our Oriental Dixie air freight charter service between US and China is running.

For shipments to and from China, DSV can provide international rail, trucking and multi-modal solutions. Your local DSV representative can give you details.

North America

The US and Canadian governments are not restricting freight movements.

Our Dixie air charter service between Luxembourg and Huntsville, Alabama is being modified with effect from 1 April and will serve Atlanta, Mexico City, New York and Chicago from Luxembourg, Liège (BE) and Brussels.


Schedules are subject to change and vary from daily, 3x weekly and weekly depending on route.


Huntsville (HSV) flights will resume on 1 May. Schedule to be announced in April.


Airlines are starting to fly passenger aircraft for cargo only to replace the capacity lost by cancellations of passenger flights.


Latin America

There looks likely to be a shortage of refrigerated sea freight containers.

Connections from key South American airports to USA and Mexico will be available to connect with our charter flights.

Road transport in Mexico is running almost as normal. 

Ports are operating normally.


We seeing additional measures such as quarantines and a few border closures which are causing delays. 

In South Africa, the government has published a list of essential services. For 21 days from 26 March, we are not permitted to move freight which does not fall into these categories. 

South African airports are operating at reduced capacity. We expect more measures to be in place soon, which will likely cause disruptions.