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Automated data exchange between your systems and DSV

Maybe the ever-increasing volume of documents you need to deal with is leading to more inaccuracies, more delays, more errors and as a consequence, higher costs? If your business is like most, you've grown organically. And for most businesses, that means that there comes a time when you need to deal with rocketing administration costs, multiple IT systems and the loss of oversight they cause. 

DSV EDI is our market-leading free service that automates the exchange of electronic data between DSV and your transport and warehousing systems. It handles invoices and enables your partners to book transport with us too.

It dramatically reduces the time you need to spend on administration and gives you increased security and efficiency - improving your customer competitiveness.

In most cases, we can get you up and running within seven days.

If you are a very large user of DSV services we can also offer you DSV EDI PLUS, customised at additional cost.

Want to integrate with DSV EDI?

Please visit the DSV Developer Portal at https://developer.dsv.com