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We are keeping supply chains running, but some disruption is unavoidable.

The COVID-19 situation is moving fast, but we are keeping supply chains moving.

Where problems occur, our teams are working together with carriers and suppliers to find alternatives. This is happening intensely with air freight where the reduction in passenger flights has reduced freight capacity considerably. We offer unique solutions via our global air charter network with services between APAC, North and Latin America, and Europe.


"We'll keep our customers' supply chains moving, so society can still function. We acknowledge our role as part of critical infrastructure."


- Jens Bjørn Andersen, CEO, DSV A/S

The time since the outbreak began have shown that we can make no predictions, but what we can say is that we have already gathered much experience. We are putting our experience to good use in those countries which are now experiencing disruption and lockdowns. 

As one of the largest transport service providers, we are able to acquire additional capacities and divert freight in order to work around difficulties. And we offer alternatives to our usual air, sea, rail and road transport solutions that may help you mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on your supply chain.

The recent situation and its impact on our supply chains inevitably have an impact on inventory levels as well. We are working hard to provide the flexibility and contingency our customers are looking for. Where we have spare-capacity available, we are looking to see if we can help other companies with emergency storage space. 

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What is the current situation in the Belgium?

Despite a slight improvement in the health situation, Belgium is still at COVID-19 alert level four, with several restrictions being in place in the country. The full list of current measures can be found here.

DSV in Belgium is closely following the most recent epidemiological update and the measures and guidelines from the federal government as well as updating the internal process accordingly to protect our employees. We have a Business Continuity Plan available on national level that is linked to the global BCP.

We do our best to mitigate potential consequences to your business. We will continuously update you about the current state, the potential impact to business continuity as well as about all preventative and reactive measures taken by DSV.

If you have any questions regarding your existing business relationship, please contact your usual DSV account manager or local office.


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