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Our dedicated team has the necessary experience, knowledge and skills to provide the best dispatching service for your trucks.

Our dispatchers are Bulgarian, Romanian and Polish.

Services include:

  • Optimizing the work of the truck to achieve maximum mileage  
  • Daily truck status reports: working hours, driving hours, location and estimated time of arrival
  • Bookings for bridges, tunnels, ferries
  • Verifying collection and delivery addresses and informing drivers
  • Verifying feasibility of the transport job - load and timing
  • Communication with the driver using your chosen method - SMS, navigation communication in trucks or other.

Why choose DSV?

Because DSV takes care of dispatch and administration, you do not need to arrange office space or hire qualified staff to take care of your trucks. Our team takes full administrative responsibility for your trucks while they are on the road:

  • Assistance if problems arise
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Documenting incidents with trailers or loads
  • We call you and your drivers - less roaming costs for you
  • Detailed monthly reports for all your trucks working for DSV, including all transport jobs, km paid,  invoices, toll charges and fuel costs.

We make sure that you have an ongoing overview of the status of all your trucks and drivers working for us.

Our offer to you gives you the best return on your investment in trucks for the long term.

Any questions?

Our experts are ready to help.

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