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Value added warehouse services

Besides our core services, we offer a wide variety of value added services. We plan and design value added services on the basis of your specific requirements and deliver the services using experienced and efficient teams.

We tailor-made various service offerings, including:

  • Consultancy – 4PL

    Our supply chain consultancy team can dive into your supply chain data for a root cause analysis. We will work out the impact of alternative solution scenarios to optimise your supply chain.

  • Spares management and parts recovery

    We offer spares management for a variety of customers and include services such as order fulfilment, next day delivery and parts recovery from returned machinery.
  • Assembly and kitting

    We manage this process offering full visibility on the serial, batch or lot numbers involved.
  • Configuration test

    We configure hardware, such as printers, computers, mobiles, routers and TV's according to  requirements.
  • Quality inspection and testing

    Connection checks, functionality run-throughs, measurements and error reporting are some of the testing possibilities.
  • Reworking and co-packing

    Activities include repackaging of damaged boxes, packing into new outer cartons or display cartons and management of country-specific, customer-specific and language-specific packaging.

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