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Mogens Larsen

Mogens Larsen

Vice President, IT, Group - Denmark

Mogens Larsen is a vice president in IT, working out of the headquarters in Hedehusene, Denmark. He has been with DSV for more than 25 years, but started in a completely different part of the organisation than where he works today: 

"I joined DSV for the first time as a freight forwarder trainee in 1994 when it was a much smaller company. Since then, I have held a lot of different positions. From freight forwarding I moved onto Sales and later Finance before I finally started working in IT.” 

Although these roles are in very different parts of the business, the DSV culture is the same: 

“In each of these positions, I have been part of an informal culture where people speak their minds. It helps push the business forward, and it’s very characteristic of DSV. We’re constantly moving because we know we can always do a little better. Evolving as a company allows us employees to evolve personally as well. I don’t think I know anyone in DSV who hasn’t evolved while being here.” 

Making a difference is his fuel

Thinking back, Mogens did not plan on staying in the company for this many years and did also seek opportunities outside of DSV at one point. However, after a couple of years, he returned:  

“I realised that I really thrive in DSV’s fast-paced culture – the fast decision making within the company. I found that I enjoy being a small wheel in a big machinery, because in DSV, every wheel matters.”

“The feeling of making a difference – that is what drives me. When we announce good financial results, I can see that the things we work to continuously improve can be read in those numbers, and that makes me proud as an employee!”  

Setting each other up for success 

Today, Mogens is part of DSV’s Global IT, comprising more than 2000 employees in total. To him, being part of IT means that you play a vital role in setting the operation up for success: 

“We provide the tools for the operation. It is our job to do the very best we can and ensure good, smooth-running systems that provide everything the forwarders in the operation need, so that they are able to focus on using their skills and expertise to forward goods for our customers. In that way, we all play on the same team and contribute to the constant development of DSV.”  

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