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The supply chain scan is an assessment of your supply chain, with the aim of unlocking value. Choose from the following menu of scans to realise your supply chain’s full potential.

  • Segmentation and prioritisation

    Segmentation and Prioritisation

    What you get: A clear definition of your supply chains. This includes answers to: which customers will be served via which supply chains? What are the right performance metrics per supply chain, and which are the most important?
  • Technology

    Network design optimisation

    What you get: A thorough study of your network with improvement opportunities and their potential value. The study includes mapping the current volume flows and developing a Centre of Gravity analysis. 
  • Healthcare

    Transportation analysis

    What you get: A report that identifies the transportation value potential. You and DSV begin by defining, evaluating and prioritising key lanes, and then we decide where to focus for an in-depth evaluation.
  • Energy

    Inventory optimisation

    What you get: A thorough study and analysis of your inventory. This determines improvement opportunities and their potential value at the critical point of any supply chain - inventory analysis would be focused on either Raw Material, Work In Progress, Partially and Finished Goods inventory, or any combination you require.

What is a supply chain scan?

  • supply chain scan segmentation and prioritisation


    Your supply chain data is analysed by our experts who facilitate interviews and data collection. Result: A list of potential improvement areas in your supply chain.
  • Technology


    We workshop with your team to identify and prioritise improvement initiatives. We want to find realistic improvement ideas that are ready to implement in the real world. Result: A hands-on development plan for realising value in your supply chain
  • Healthcare


    Together, we realise the value of the improvement initiatives through continuous follow-up. We then track the value realisation together in a way that makes sense to you. Result: Value realisation and value tracking.

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