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Efficiency in the back office is a major key to our continued success

Whether you work with finance, organisation, quality or support you will be part of a highly-tuned engine that never stops

You add value by ensuring the foundation and structure are in order so DSV can run a smooth and optimised operation. 

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Best performance is important to DSV - it's how we win new customers and retain existing ones. Of course best performance also refers to financial performance, which is supported by the expertise and high quality reporting from our controlling and business support departments.

Our finance and business processes play a vital role in ensuring continued efficiency of all operations - and in keeping costs at a minimum. Transport and logistics is a low-margin industry, so operating at low-cost is key. 

We stay ahead of the game and constantly innovate for our customers and for DSV. Innovation within the transport and logistics industry is very much a question of fine-tuning business processes and electronic interfaces with our customers.


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DSV’s company structure it set up in a way where we always prioritise helping each other to solve issues very fast. That’s part of what enables us to keep growing so fast – we see new perspectives and skills as an opportunity to learn more and become even better.

Ivy Chan, Vice President, Finance - Singapore

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