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Job Req Number:  67209
Time Type: Full Time

Position’s target:

Payment Factory Team Leader is responsible for supervision of accurate and correct processing of incoming and outgoing payments as well as bank accounts reconciliations and reporting of cash flow correspondingly with group instructions. All activities are performed within DSV international Shared Services Centre. The main responsibility is to ensure timetable and correctness in supervised team. Apart from operational tasks Team Leader is responsible for maintaining continuity of the process on daily basis, effective management of Payment Factory Team in periods of high and very low intensity of work.

Tasks and responsibilities:


1. Preparing and sending the reports as part of the managed area (according to defined DSV schedule).

2. Respecting the timetable of responsibilities defined in job description for Team Leader.

3. Respecting the timetable of responsibilities defined in “scope of responsibilities per process”

4. Direct monitoring the work in supervised team.

5. Verifying of correctness of manual/automatic payments data entered to bank platforms/ SAP – within approver`s obligation.

6. Optimizing processes/ identifying and performing harmonization process.

7. Providing appropriate structure of “Backup & Handover” system in case of unexpected absence of Team members, as well as regular verification of knowledge quality passed in supervised team.

8. Providing appropriate tools and authorizations for fulfilling the tasks in supervised team.

9. Providing actual instructions for fulfilling the obligations in line with supervised team.

10. Conducting regular teleconferences with clients in order to obtain feedback regarding the quality and productivity of service.

11. Investigating of complains from clients on regular basis.

12. Analyzing of clients complains and conducting preventive actions for the future references.

13. Taking active part in defining KPI/SLA for supervised area.

14. Respecting the timetable and correctness of providing targets.

15. Conducting in compliance with the law in supervised area.

16. Monitoring and estimating the scale of implemented targets.

17. Cooperating with Company management in planning the development strategy in supervised area.

18. Conducting of international project aiming in improvement of supervised team and another team responsible for finance processes.

19. Conducting of projects commissioned by supervisor.

20. Providing of periodic accounts reconciliation in supervised process accordingly to timetable of accounting policy and archiving required documentation.





Scope of responsibilities per process:


1. Daily supervision of incoming and outgoing payments, accuracy with schedule and law regulations within Company (particularly in regular booking of bank statements from previous day).

2. Proactive increasing of awareness of supervised employees regarding processes and procedures of DSV cash flow.

3. Verifying of correctness of manual/automatic payments data entered to bank platforms – within approver`s obligation.

4. Optimal constructing of Payment Factory Team, along with increase of both: payments volume and productivity.

5. Ensuring that team is ready to roll-out following payments volume and realizing additional activities.

6. Monitoring of systematic settlements processing in national and foreign turnover “Bank Reconciliation” as well as transfers recorded on bank accounts.

7. Ensuring that outgoing payments are correctly allocated on vendor accounts.

8. Regular reporting regarding unallocated cash on customer accounts (unidentified payments).

9. Supervision of generating of automatic payments and their approval on time.

10. Planning and executing of payments in cooperation with Treasury local teams.

11. Processed execution accordingly to established restrictions and monitoring their accuracy in respect of internal policy of cash flow management.

12. Supervision and responsibility for the processes: "Payment Factory Team”.




1. Expertise support of other employees.

2. Creating positive external and internal image, including taking care of self- appearance and workplace.

3. Compliance with internal regulations, procedures, law and managers orders, including Labor Regulations, Regulations on Remuneration and other internal regulations in the Company.

4. Supervision of the assigned resources, especially movable and technical devices, equipment, technical equipment, etc.

5. Professional skills development by participation in training and constant self-education.

6. Conducting of SOPEA of supervised workers.

7. Preventing waste, theft, disclosure of irregularities and fraud against the Company.

8. Providing of work discipline and respecting the working regulations, Remuneration regulations and other rules obligatory within Company.

9. Compliance with safety and fire regulations.

10. Knowledge of goals of quality, environment protection, safety and working in accordance with the policy of the Company.

11. Compliance with commercial and business.

12. Performance of all tasks above in professional manner, in accordance with the rules, procedures, instructions and regulations of the Company and Company’s organizational culture.

13. Being role model in terms of behaviors that deliver the Values.

14. Creating of organizational culture based on the Values as: Trust, Transparency, Excellence, Continues Learning and promoting them inside and outside of the company.

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