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Lennart Thiel, Project Specialist, Road, Germany

Lennart Thiel

Project Specialist, Road - Germany

Young DSV kickstarted Lennart’s DSV career

Living in Krefeld, Germany, Lennart works as a Project Specialist in DSV Road after having started his career in DSV participating in and completing trainee programmes in both local and international settings. 

Lennart started his career in DSV in 2018: “Around the area where I live, there are branches of all DSV’s competitors. However, DSV seemed the most interesting to me, because it is a big global company that offers many different career opportunities.”

Lennart is given the opportunity and support to make a difference

After he graduated the international trainee programme, Young DSV, Lennart became a Junior Assistant to the national management in Krefeld, and after a year he became a Project Specialist.

Although Lennart is younger than most of his colleagues, he still feels like a valued member of his team. “I enjoy being part of a company in which senior colleagues with more experience listen to someone as young as me,” he says.

For instance, one of Lennart’s recent proposals is now being turned into practice: “I had an idea that would make us become leaner and reduce time wasted in the planning department. After talking about it with my supervisor, we are now several people working to implement my idea”. 

In his first few years at DSV, Lennart has taken all the opportunities he has been given to forward his career. He says about DSV “When new things come up, I put all my efforts into them, and that is recognized – I get to grow as part of the company.”

Young DSV is an international trainee programme, combining practical “on the job” training with theoretical modules provided by IBC International Business College. The two-year journey is an opportunity to gain knowledge about transport and logistics from industry experts.

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