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Your trusted transport and logistics provider

DSV’s extensive global footprint has positioned us as one of the industry's most trusted supply chain solutions providers to the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare industry. Our dedicated teams of specialists design and implement solutions for all aspects of transportation management.

Our work has a solid foundation in the WHO GDP standard, and we invest heavily in the development and maintenance of a GDP-compliant global network of 110 branches in 63 countries.

With the rapid growth in temperature-controlled shipping essential for the industry, DSV is ideally positioned as the pharmaceutical industry’s most trusted choice in compliant shipping and warehousing. 

All aspects of your Pharmaceutical & Healthcare supply chain are governed by the DSV PharmaQMS. This means that from transportation via Air, Sea or Road as well as storage facilities complies with the required quality standards and regulations. 

Managing shipments at the product level

In DSV we are aware that not all pharmaceutical shipments are to be treated equal, as some products are more sensitive to temperature excursions, transit time or even humidity – than others. 

Therefore, we have categorised the overall segment “pharmaceutical & healthcare” into 6 different areas which will ensure specific handling requirements and individual Lane Mapping and Risk Mitigation.

6 Classifications

Human Medicinal Products  Finished products 
Veterinary Medicinal Products  Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in non-humans 
Pharmaceutical Starting Materials Ingredient used in manufacture of medicinal products, including APIs, excipients and others 
Medical Devices
Any instrument, apparatus, implement, machine, appliance, implant, reagent for invitro use, software, material or other similar related article, including contact lenses
Clinical Trial Products

Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs) 

Natural Health Products 

Vitamins and minerals, herbal medicines, homeopathic preparations, energy drinks, probiotics and other alternative or traditional medicines (excludes pharmaceutical drugs)

Why choose DSV? 

  • A commitment to excellence
  • Consistently delivered, best in class, quality service and governance
  • Meeting clients’ needs (from set up to systems and technology)
  • A passion for entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Meeting product specific requirements 
  • Globally implemented PharmaQMS across all divisions 
  • We can provide both active and passive packaging solutions 
  • We cater for various temperature requirements 
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