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Transportation of pharmaceuticals

Safe transportation of pharmaceutical products can be a headache for many businesses. However, DSV has just the cure!

The market for transporting and distributing healthcare products is being driven by reliability, efficiency, security and cost control. Value-added services during ‘last-mile’ distribution can tip the scales for many healthcare product suppliers. Our healthcare customers increasingly need to distribute their products to diverse locations, including delivery to patients’ homes.

It is expected that industry players will harness the services of the logistics service provider (LSP) with the most efficient last-mile distribution network to ensure economical yet flexible deliveries. Another growing trend in the industry is the shift from airfreight to sea freight in order to cut carbon emissions and costs. Improved planning allows companies to step out of their comfort zone and shift to other modalities. Creating additional flexibility in modalities results in a leaner and more resilient supply chain. Company performance will go up, and risks and costs will go down.

DSV can provide you with realistic alternatives for transporting your products anywhere in the world. We offer solutions for switching product shipments from air to sea or even road transportation and advise on phased implementation. We can support your supply chain by acting as 3PL, 3½PL or 4PL as required. Each specific role offers different models for distribution and supply chain collaboration.

Our healthcare field services incorporate 1,600 condition-controlled trailers that can provide a wide range of in-hospital services or last-mile distribution to hospitals, care homes or patients’ homes, including consignment management, ward-replenishment services, inventory management, issue resolution, swaps, returns and repairs.

Our professionals are experienced and trained to the highest level, ensuring the delivery of your consignment under highly controlled conditions.

As a global leader and innovator in airfreight, logistics, sea freight, road transportation and distribution, DSV sets the standard in best practices for healthcare distribution.

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