Business ethics

It is essential that our employees and suppliers share the same business ethics when operating across different cultures all over the world.

DSV contributes to sdg 17

Our ethics are guided by the DSV Code of Conduct and the DSV Supplier Code of Conduct.

Compliance is a fundamental part of our value proposition, and we naturally comply with both national and international legislation and specific requirements for our industry.

Firm anti-corruption commitment

We have a zero-tolerance approach to corruption, prohibiting our employees from accepting or offering any kind of bribery.

To comply with our anti-corruption guidelines, key personnel are regularly trained and tested in our Code of Conduct.

Anonymous whistle-blower programme

To ensure transparency and integrity, we have implemented an internal whistle blower programme. Employees can report violations of DSV policies and guidelines through the dedicated hotline or website. An external provider manages the programme to ensure anonymity for our employees. Externals to DSV can also report violations. 

Should you wish to use our whistle-blower program, you can do so via DSV Whistle-blower program

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